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Below is a small sample of the investigations conducted by San Antonio Paranormal Network over the years.   It would be difficult to list all cases as SAPN does on average 5 or more per month.   Most properties request anonymity which SAPN strictly adheres to.  Please rest assure our team treats every client as if they were our own family.  All services SAPN provides are free to those requesting assistance.

Institute of Texan Cultures- University of Texas:

ITC occupies 50,000 square feet of space.  It contains thousands of artifacts within its walls.  Upon arrival we knew that this investigation was going to present a challenge.  We were greeted by the person who heads the Department of Research.  We were given a tour, along with it the history of its allegedly haunted history.  The Institute of Texan Cultures is reportedly haunted by the ghost of its former director, a pipe smoker.  Late night employees still report sweet smelling tobacco smoke.  The doors of the hearse in the Castroville exhibit have a reported history of doors opening.  Security closes the hearse doors only to return to find them open once again. 

The team was allowed full access of the entire building upon investigation.  Upon "lights out" team members were assigned areas in order to maintain proper coverage throughout the building.  The museum building was also divided by sections to allow team members to work on a rotation.  An IR camera was set in place in front of the entrance way of the shaman cave.  Constant surveillance of the cave was crucial for the investigation.  There has been reported activity from this area.  We then moved to the third floor where majority of the administration offices are located.  It contains a hallway  nearly the entire length of the building.  The third floor is where the office of the former director is located.  During the investigation there was subtle smell of what appeared to be a sweet fragrance that lingered.  Several team members noted this experience.  Cold spots were noticed around this time period by investigators present.  However, no fluctuation was confirmed through digital readings.

The team met on the first floor of the museum to exchange experiences and information.  The most noted was the tobacco smell and cold spots.  No EVP, Photographic evidence, or Video evidence was captured during this investigation.  We captured one unexplainable light coming from the cave area.  After further analyzing it was confirmed a bleed/wash out from two cameras in the area.  Evidence revealed no paranormal activity other than personal experiences.  The folklore and legends surrounding this location are enjoyable nonetheless.  We would personally like to thank Alamo City Ghost Hunters, ITC, and its staff for the opportunity to investigate the museum.  This location is full of history and is recommended to all.


DVR w/ IR camera's, Sony Nightshot camera's w/ illuminator's, 35 mm digital camera's w/ illuminator's, Digital and Analog Recorder's, EMF Reader, Digital Thermometer and Motorola radios.





Victoria's Black Swan Inn:

A base line reading was conducted throughout the property.  Built in 1867 Victoria's Black Swan Inn sits on 35 acres and is the site of the 1842 Battle of Salado.  We interviewed the property owner on the bases of haunting activities which include full body apparitions, unexplainable noises, flickering of lights, doors opening/closing and cold spots throughout the property.

We started our investigation in the dairy barn where full body apparitions, footsteps, and noises have been reported.  The dairy barn known as "The Gypsy Rose" was once converted to a restaurant.  Upon arrival digital recorders were setup throughout the building to determine if EVP would be captured.  Also, IR cameras were also placed throughout the building in hopes of capturing evidence on film.  EMF and digital temperature readings were used and noted a temperature drop of 11 degrees where there were no apparent breeze ways.  Several team members had personal experiences which included cold spots and unexplainable noises.  EVP session noted audible responses to the question "Can you make a sound to let us know you are here?"  Three distant banging noises of pots were heard in response.  No pots are currently kept in this building.  We then decided to move towards the front of the property where the gazebo sits nestled in 100 year old oak trees.  This where reports of confederate soldiers and the infamous lady in white have been seen.  Equipment used during this time consisted of 35 mm digital camera's, Sony nightshot camera's with illuminator's, EMF reader, digital thermometer and digital recorders. 

We then focused our investigation on the main house.  This two-story plantation style home sits on a hill that oversees the entire property.  Upon entering the house, a distinct sense of heaviness was noted in the ballroom area.  EMF and digital temperature readings were taken.  We split the team in half to investigate both North and South wing of this beautiful plantation style home.  The South wing contains a closet which is kept secured at all times by the property owner.  The South wing also contains a bathroom where females are locked inside and ghostly images appear in the mirror.  Although no evidence was captured during this part of the investigation we were captivated with the history of the property.

In summary we did experience unexplainable occurrence's throughout the investigation.  We plan on revisiting the property in the near future.  In our opinion and with evidence captured, this property is active.  One investigator reported a full bodied apparition yet no evidence was captured to back up this claim.  Victoria's Black Swan Inn is a place that contains unexplainable paranormal activity. 


DVR w/ IR camera's, Sony Nightshot camera's w/ illuminator's, 35 mm digital camera's w/ illuminator's, Digital and Analog recorder's, EMF Reader, Digital Thermometer and Motorola radios.






News4 WOAI NBC Studios:

The investigation of the original building was requested by the producer of "Living".  We were informed that allegedly a reporter hung himself with the building in the late 1940's or early 1950's.  The original building is attached to the current station and contains a multitude of memorabilia from its past.  Included in the building is the original broadcasting studio and taped archives.  Staff members report strange noises coming from the building.  Some staff members refuse to enter the buidling by themselves.  Video tapes have also been reported to fly off the shelves by themself.

Upon entering the building it is almost like stepping back in time.  The building appears to sit in its original state.  There was limited usage of EMF due to the building containing some of the original electronics and extensive wiring.  It is an active broadcasting station which also limits the reliability of EMF readings.  Digital thermometers were used throughout the investigation.  The investigation began in a storage room where variation in temperature was noted,  but no toher activity occured.  EVP was conducted throughout the entire investigation.  One investigator did pick up EVP, yet no direct phrases were captured.  We moved into the video room that contains hundreds of video archives that date bact to the original broadcasting days.  Digital thermometer along with EMF and photos were taken.  Team members experienced very silent almost unnaturally silent period during this time period. 

The team decided to move to the infamous Peacock room.  This particular room was filled with memorabilia.  A chair contained the original colors of NBC and the floor a peacock of equal color.  We continued with the investigtion in hopes of detecting activity.  Sony Nighshot along with EMF, digital and analog recorders were used. 


Sony Nightshot camera's w/ illuminator's, 35 mm digital camera's w/ illuminator's, Digital and Analog recorder's, EMF Reader, Digital thermometers.






This case was referred to SAPN from a ghost tour company.  The property owner upon contact requested all identifying details to be kept in strict confidence.  This home sits near a old military armory now used as offices/storage for a large southern grocery chain.  The  King Williams district was originally farmland irrigated by acequias flowing from the San Antonio River, owned by the 1718 Mission San Antonio de Valero.  The first recorded records shows use as farm land for laborers cultivated to support those living at the Alamo. 

In the late 1880's through early 1900's construction began.  Since 1930 there has been little construction to this housing district.  In later years the neighborhood fell into decline.  In the 1960's, creative young professionals rediscovered the King William area and began renaissance, which continues to this day.

This property was undergoing complete renovation when reported activity began.   One of the owners reported the feeling of being watched and scared when leaving the property in the evenings.  Reports of the door closing, and cold air with no known cause in master bathroom.  The contractors captured an image of a face on their cell phone camera.  Power tools reportedly malfunctioned for no apparent reason at certain times.  Lights throughout home were reported to flicker at various times.  Unknown voices were heard by workers during the night.

Upon arrival, the owners extended family along with workers were present on site.  They were curious to see if  any of the stories were real.   Everyone present mind was put at ease.  SAPN requested only property owners be present as not to flaw any collected evidence.  Before going  "lights out" baseline readings, temperature readings, and a thorough walk through were conducted and noted.   This case was going to be tough due to exposed wiring and building materials spread throughout location.  


The team was split up into pairs to conduct the investigation.  The house is a two-story dwelling with a detached garage built in 1908.  EVP, photos, and video were obtained.   SAPN found the following:  Master bedroom door could be closed easily from outside air coming in.  This was due to large gaps in walls and  a heavy plastic covering the yet installed windows.    Cold air was noted due to open walls and winter weather breezes coming in.    The photo captured by the workers cell phone appeared to be a light coming from a flashlight in use.  Unknown voices heard by workers could be that of neighbors walking by.  Upon further inspection, SAPN uncovered dimmer lighting which dulls and increases depending of activity in room.    After a certain length of time lights will turn dim or off if no one is present in rooms.   This was lighting installed by another contractor.  Homeowners did not request this type of lighting installed, so they they were unaware of its function. 

Homeowners requested SAPN to be invited back once restoration project was complete.  The reveal provided a few class C EVP.  Pictures which contained dust or outside light sources, were captured also.  SAPN cannot state home is haunted as no personal experiences or evidence was captured.  All reported claims were able to be logically explained.


DVR w/ IR cameras, Sony Nightshot w/ illuminators, Canon Rebel XTI w/ illuminators, 35 mm Digital cameras, Digital and Analog recorders, Digital Thermometer and EMF Reader. 







Harlequin Dinner Theater-Fort Sam Houston, Texas


Since 1845,  Fort Sam Houston has made its home in San Antonio, Texas and sits on more than 3,000 acres.  Many of the most distinguished American soldiers have served there,  Including 13 Army Chief of Staff  and two United States presidents. Geronimo was imprisoned for 40 days at the post in 1886. Military aviation was born at Fort Sam Houston in 1910. The post is home of the Army Medical Command headquarters where it trains its army medics and has a medical school.


The Harlequin Dinner Theater was built during the WWII era as an Officers club.  Since opening its doors it has served as an NCO club , Music Hall, and in 1975 a dinner theater. Since opening its doors as a dinner theater, the house manager has worked at the Harlequin Dinner Theater.      


The history of building was provided by the house manager which included full body apparitions, the sound of footsteps on the second floor, and personal items disappearing and reappearing several months later. Guest's have also reported seeing a woman dressed in pink standing by the bars piano.  In the 1960's a soldier was reportedly shot and killed during an argument.  Other stories include a man who simply stands and holds a top hat.


Baseline readings were taken during the late afternoon hours and consisted of EMF and temperature readings. Still cameras were placed throughout the dinner theater along with digital and analog recorders. At 2000 hours (08:00 pm) we went "lights out".   Team members were assigned areas of the dinner theater to insure proper coverage. Majority of the activity is reported to come from the second floor, back stage, and bar.  During the investigation a sound was heard coming from the dressing room.  Upon investigating team members could not determine the origin of the sound.  Personal experiences such as cold spots and fluctuation in EMF readings were in abundance throughout the building.  Investigation of the second floor supported no evidence of paranormal activity. Logical explanation to cold spots felt on the second floor may be due to windows not properly being sealed. Investigation of the bar and dining area supported no evidence of paranormal activity.


No evidence of paranormal activity was captured during the entire investigation other than personal experience. SAPN has been invited to conduct another investigation in the near future.




Sony Nightshot w/ illuminators, EMF Reader, Digital Thermometer, Digital and Analog Recorders, 35 mm Digital cameras w/ illuminators.




Private Residence-San Antonio, Texas


At a undisclosed area northeast of San Antonio, Texas lies a home built at the turn of the 19th century.  The property sits on 38 acres of Texas Hill country. The current property owners wish to stay anonymous.  The original owners have not lived on the property in decades.  Since then, families have moved in and out of the home. In one particular instance one family left everything behind and vowed to never return. Overgrown in heavy vegetation the dilapidated home sits in ruins hoping that some day someone will come along and revitalized this once modest home. It is said that the original owner of the property a successful business man was quite possessive and abusive towards his family.  The property owner provided SAPN a tour and history of the property.  During the tour of the property SAPN team members noticed locks on the inside of closet doors. SAPN was granted permission to investigate the property.


The property has no electricity so the amount of equipment was limited.  Temperature and EMF readings were taken during the pre-investigation. At 2100 hours (09:00 pm) the investigation began.  Photographs were taken outside of home.  After closer examination of one of the photographs appears to be some form of mist.  Working our way through the home there was a sense of heaviness in the air. The team was divided into two groups in hopes of capturing evidence on both floors of the building during its investigation. Constant contact by way of radio between team members was used during the investigation. EVP was conducted immediately in hopes of capturing evidence on digital and analog recorders. Temperature readings were also taken inside of the building and noted a temperature drop near the center of the former master bedroom, living area and kitchen. Sony nightshot cameras and digital cameras with illuminators were also used during this time period.  Personal experiences during the investigation a team member reported hearing a whisper but could not determined what was said. Abundance of personal experiences was noted from SAPN team members. Several hours later into the investigation SAPN collected all evidence from team members for closer examinations.


In summary, the property is active. The property contains unexplainable paranormal activity.  SAPN hopes to return to this property to collect more data.




Digital and Analog recorders,  Canon Rebel XTI 35 mm Digital cameras with illuminators, EMF readers, Digital Thermometers,  Sony Nightshot with illuminators and Motorola radios.  



The Boat Shop-Houston, Texas


Owners of the boat shop reported unexplainable activity that consisted of footsteps, voices being heard in a empty building, tools moving by themselves and lights flickering on/off.   Property owner reported most of the paranormal activity comes from building #2 which is the maintenance shop. The daughter of property owner provided a tour and  history of both buildings.  Temperature and EMF readings were conducted late in the afternoon.  No unusual readings were noted during the preliminary investigation. Infrared cameras were placed throughout the entirety of the building. Digital and Analog recorders were also in place in hope of capturing any evidence to help support the property owner and employee claims.  Cameras both digital and film were used on this investigation.


Prior to the investigation, team members were sent into two separate buildings to ensure proper coverage of both buildings.  At 2030 hours (08:30 pm) the investigation began. Building #1 seemed to contain usual lighting that appeared to look like balls of light.  Upon further investigation of building #1,  lighting appeared to be caused by vehicle lights passing and reflecting off the inside of aluminum sidings. Cold spots were noted during the investigation in buildings #1 and #2. Upon further investigation windows were noted to be unsecured creating small drafts.  The boat shop sits near a apartment complex and near heavy traffic. No EVP was captured to support claims of unknown voices during the investigation. Voices of pedestrians walking by could be heard.  .  Exposed wiring was also noted possibly causing the flickering of lights on/off. Tools being found in other areas could be caused by employees moving them during working hours.  Logical explanations were found for all reported activity. 




Sony Nightshot w/ illuminator, EMF Reader, Digital and Analog Recorders, 35 mm Digital Recorders, and Digital Thermometer


San Antonio Ghost Tracks - Villamain and Shane Road

Above photo courtesy of About.com

In south San Antonio there is a railroad crossing that for many years has been rumored to be haunted by spirits of children killed in a bus accident.  The story originated from a newspaper article that ran for ten days in our city.  This accident killing children was correct; however it happened in Utah and not San Antonio.   The legend tells of a bus accident killing children whose bus stalled on these tracks.   Rumor has it; if you turn off your car the ghost children will push your vehicles in an attempt to save you.   People state baby powder will reveal ghostly handprints of the slain children.   Streets in area are reportedly named after these children (Bobbie Allen, Cindy Sue, Nancy Carole, etc) People from all over our city insist this to be haunted and a factual story.  Even tour companies push this story and bring bus loads of tourists to this area.   


SAPN decided to investigate the location to see if local folklore was fact or fiction.   Upon arriving at 2am no traffic was present.   We did see a Bexar County officer we spoke with about the legend.   We asked permission to take pictures and readings of area.   The officer told us a story of a murdered girl from Uvalde, Texas.   SAPN conducted photos, and video surveillance.   EVP was conducted as time of night was very quiet.    Officer asked if we could spread the correct story in the effort of keeping teens from the area.  Teens frequent this area and turn off vehicles on live railroad crossing which posses a danger.   The local neighborhood is tired of weekend traffic and noise created by the untruthful legend.

No EVP was recorded.  Pictures contained what many state are orbs.   If fact the area all around the tracks is flat dirt.  This will create dust to show on film.   People feel the dust orbs are that of spirit energy.  Pictures have been seen on the internet of a full bodied apparition at the tracks.  In analyzing this photograph SAPN feels software manipulation was used to create the effect.  The only strange picture captured by SAPN was 75 feet north of the tracks.   We captured what appears to be an orb in motion.  An unknown energy source.  Being outside surrounded by lighting and electricity may have contributed to this photo. 

Upon researching the officer's story, SAPN found a young innocent Texas girl was dumped close to the tracks.   Her mother is incarcerated to this day in a Texas Prison for her murder.  The murder did not occur at the tracks but in Uvalde, Texas 99 miles away.   Only the body was left to be found five years later in this area. 

The street names are those of the developer's children and grandchildren; not children from a bus accident.   This area has an optical illusion.  The city has hired Engineers and records show a slight incline.   By looking at the location it appears to be an uphill incline.  However, there is noted and documented proof this area is indeed downhill.   SAPN found this to cause the cars to roll over the tracks when in neutral.

SAPN feels this area is not haunted, but only a local legend which is passed down through the generations.   SAPN will help spread the truth and attempt to discourage thrill seekers when asked. 



The investigation was conducted on August 4th, 2007. The investigation was referred through the TAPS website (http://www.the-atlantic-paranormal-society.com/ ) a week prior. The client was contacted and interviewed by SAPN Co-Founder / Case Manager and determined that a investigation was needed. Claims of activity by property owner consisted of shadowy figures, a child apparition dressed in a nightgown, voices, and noises.

Located 26 miles just south of  Austin, Texas the team arrived on the evening of August 4th, 2007 at approximately 2130 hrs. We were greeted by the property owners and were provided a tour of the residence. Baseline readings were conducted throughout the residence at approximately 2155 hrs.. Equipment was set in place throughout the property to insure appropriate coverage. Prior to going "lights out" the team was split into groups of 3-3-2 on a rotation to allow everyone the opportunity to investigate. At 2235 hrs we went "lights out".

Digital recorders were used throughout the entire period of the investigation in hopes of capturing EVP. IR camera's were also placed on the second floor where most of the activity claims was coming from. Upon entering, SAPN team members notice a unusual amount of quietness throughout the home. A shadow figure had been reported in the upstairs master bedroom. Upon closer examination, a outside light coming from the house located caddie corner was casting light through the window unto the wall. Walking pass the window gave the effect of a shadow person which may have been the cause. EMF readings were within normal range. No temperature fluctuations were reported by team members as well. At 0200 hrs SAPN shut down for the night and collected all evidence for further analysis.

After analyzing all evidence, SAPN found 3 evp's during its course of the investigation. The results of the investigation was found to be inconclusive. SAPN presented these to the client during the reveal. The client was extremely satisfied with the results, professionalism, and knowledge that SAPN had to offer.


DVR w/ IR cameras, Sony Nightshot w/ illuminator, Canon Rebel XTI w/ illuminator, EMF single axis and tri-field, Thermocoupler, Motorola Walkie-Talkies, Digital recorders, Digital camera's.



The case was referred through the TAPS website ( http://www.the-atlantic-paranormal-society.com/) one week prior to the investigation. Located on the outskirts of Corpus Christi lies Calallen, Texas. The client's searched for a logical explaination for the unexplained activity that was occurring within their home. Owners got in touch with SAPN and after a series of questions and a interview it was determine that an investigation was needed to put the clients mind at ease. Coins showing up in unusual places like the refrigerator freezer, strange fragrances, windows bagging, and white mist appearing/disappearing reported by the owners.

On August 18th, 2007 SAPN arrived unto the property at 2100 hrs for a preliminary investigation. Baselines readings were taken which consisted of EMF and temperature. A tour and a history of the property was provided by the owners. IR camera's were set in place during this time. The team was broken into groups of 3's and on a rotation shift in order not to contaminate any evidence due to the size of location. At 2205 hrs we went "lights out" to begin our investigation.

During the course of the investigation while conducting EVP, a question was ask to move a chain on a grandfather clock. It was determine the shadow of the chain was moving not the actual chain. High EMF readings were also found in the master bedroom near the left side of the bed. A EMF reading of 43 mg was caused by a air freshener unit along with a alarm clock radio and other electronic devices located near the head of the bed. Personal experiences by SAPN team members included a sweet smell of tobacco near the front entrance of the home. Evidence was collected after the investigation for further analysis.

The reveal was conducted the next morning. Results of the investigation were found to be inconclusive. Owners were extremely pleased and satisfied with results and SAPN has been invited back for a investigation. Owners also stated they were impressed with amount of equipment brought to the investigation and professionalism of the team.


DVR w/ IR camera's, Canon Rebel XTI w/ illuminator, Sony Nightshot w/ illuminator, EMF single and tri-field axis, Thermocoupler, Digital recorders, Sony Digital HDD w/ illuminator, Motorola Walkie-Talkie's.


Plainfield, Illinois-Bacis Ristorante

In Plainfield, Illinois sits a Italian restaurant by the name of Bacis Ristorante.  Erected around 1860's it was an originally a church.  The investigation was conducted by SAPN and COPS (Chicagoland Objective Paranormal Society) in effort to determine whether the location was haunted.  COPS and SAPN were provided full access of the business establishment. Activities reported by the owners and staff included voices, footsteps, shadows, levitation of a statue and apparitions.


SAPN and COPS arrived at approximately 2230 hrs and was greeted by the owner.  We were provided a tour and full history of the business establishment.  IR camera's were set in place where most of the activity was reported.  Investigators were assigned to specific areas of the establishment before going "lights out".  SAPN was assigned to the bell tower while members of COPS were in the restaurant area.  Choir singing coming from the bell tower had been reported by staff members.  The original ceiling paintings and chandeliers which are over 100 years old can also be seen.  Both teams would meet in the basement later in the evening.  At approximately 2315 hrs Bacis Ristorante went "lights out".   EVP and photographs were taken in the bell tower by SAPN while COPS used video to record possible paranormal activity.  There was a sense of calmness in the bell tower during the investigation.   COPS reported no unusual activity while in the restaurant.   SAPN and COPS continued with its investigation in their respected areas. 


After investigating their specific areas both teams decided to meet in the basement.  A figure of a man had been reported walking in the hallway where the bathrooms are located.   One staff member stated that they had not realized what they had seen until after the fact.  The basement also contains the kitchen, private hall for private parties and an underground tunnel.  It is pitch black in this area one can not see their own hand in front of them.  EVP, EMF, video and photography were taken in this area.  There is a sense of heaviness in the air in the basement area.   There was a slight temperature fluctuation also noted during this time. Both teams gathered as much audio, video and photographs as possible as well.


All evidence was analyzed and it was determined that Bacis Ristorante did have some unusual occurrences.  However, SAPN can not say whether the restaurant is haunted.




EMF, Digital camera, DVR, digital recorders, Sony nightshot w/ illuminator and thermocoupler.